The Crafting MacGyver

Meaghan Kennedy is a vibrant, unforgettable character with an equally unique artistic specialty.

A custom piñata maker, Meaghan started her own piñata business five years ago. Ever since, her quirky business has exploded, making personalized piñatas for a diverse clientele that includes CEOs and celebrities (Ellen Degeneres and Robert Pattinson, to name a few).

Hours of labour go into each of Meaghan’s piñatas—from creating their perfect coif to hand-making their customized clothing. Despite each piñata being a detailed work of art, Meaghan wants all of her creations to fulfill their destiny of getting smashed with a stick.

This 35-year-old’s bold and wacky personality is sure to smash through and obliterate the competition.

Watch this video interview from CBC at: Meaghan Kennedy.